How can we help?

Need to know about specific products?  What they're made of?  How to assemble something?  You came to the right place!

What sized tablets will the shades fit?

Our mini tablet shades fit the following:

  • iPad Mini
  • Amazon Fire 7 and 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and 8
  • ASUS ZenPad
  • Lenovo Tab 7 and 8
  • Kindle Fire 7

All other 8″ and under tablet models:

What are your target shields made of?

All our target shields, tablet shades too, are made from 4mm coroplast, or corrugated plastic sheets. 

How do I assemble my shield/shade?

Our Target Shields and Tablet Shades do ship flat and will need to be assembled, but it is just a couple of steps, and very easy!  You can download the assembly instructions below:

Do the tablet shades come with handles?

All our tablet shades come with handles and a set of velcro holders to affix your tablet to the shade.  You can also order spares!

Will the target shields really save my match time?

You bet!  We've even done our own little experiment to show you just how much time our target shields could save your match on a rainy day!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes!  We can help match directors get the most bang for their buck by customizing their order to include a variety of products to help them get the best coverage for their upcoming matches.  Please just contact us to see how we can help!

Shipping is expensive!  Can you help?

We know that with our larger items like target shields and targets, shipping can get expensive.  We can help! We'll meet you at a match we're attending, or even drive up to 3 hours each way (for just $40 for an up to 4 hour round trip, $60 for a 6 hour round trip total) to get your larger match orders to you! Just shoot us an email or reach out with a call and we'll set up your order and we'll do our best to make arrangements to meet.