Best free bet offers no deposit! Online sports betting is very popular form of gambling all around the world. You can sit in your chair and place your bets on numerous sports events every day. The list of betting options is basically endless, but most popular forms of sports betting are football, ice-hockey, basketball and tennis. Usually you are not able to place your bet before you make a deposit. As a result it is hard to find free sports bets. Therefore we are here to help with our short list! You also might be interested to check our daily match predictions, after claiming the best free bet offers.

Top 5 sports betting sites: We gathered a list of the best sport betting sites. Here are the result in numerical order. Please enjoy and claim the best free bet offers. Our list contains only trusted and well-known sports betting sites.  Therefore you can place your bets on every site mentioned in the list. As a result you can try every betting site in this page and claim every free bet, which will probably be a good idea for any sports betting fan.

Best free bet offers

Free sports bet no deposit offers explained

Welcome to the home of offers and free bets from dozens of bookmakers. As a player, gives you the latest and current free bet offers and promotions that are exclusive only to you.

We at review each free bet listed by bookies to make sure that you are provided top notch predictions. This service also allows you to claim your free bet and ensures that you understand the requirements that are in line with our terms and conditions.

In this page, we have listed free bets from the bookies for our new account holders. Further details like our terms and conditions can also be found here.

Free bets explained

A free bet is considered a bonus bet given to new account holders on sign up. An example is that on where one is offered a bonus bet that matches their first deposit in value.

In online betting, a free bet is awarded from the sum of money/credit in your account. Bookmakers refer to them in some ways that include free bets or bonus bets which can only be used online to place a bet. This cash cannot be withdrawn as it is, however, any winnings generated from it will be available for withdrawal. Further information on free bets is also available in the Terms and Conditions.

How to choose a free bet

We as have made this task easier by reviewing the best bookies and allowing them to display their free bets on our site. These reviews are especially useful to users who just have to select any free bet according to their preference.

What can I use free bets on?

Areas, where free bets apply, depends on many factors, from the type of bet offer you claim to the online bookie you choose to start betting with.

Most bookies will allow you to use the free bets on sports betting markets where they offer odds on because some markets may limit your options. Out of the bookies we have reviewed, some of them have limits on their free bet tokens which you are given on sign up. An example is where you have to use the free bet within a certain number of days from your sign up, usually within 30 days, but it varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.

When do I get my free bet?

There are ways in which one can gain access to free bets. One way is after you have placed your first real money bet and your account will get credited with your free bet. Another way is where you register your account with your details after which your free bet is handed to you. Most bookies, however, credit your account with free bets once you place your first bet online, also referred to as deposit betting.

Risk-free bet

A risk-free bet is like a cushion which provides a source to betting profits. As a bettor, you qualify only if you lose your first bet. The catch here is that the bettor has to lose up to a certain amount so that you are eligible for this free bet because it is meant to give you your lost money back. Essentially, a free bet requires you first to risk your money, and if lost, you have to place a bet more than the risk-free bet to withdraw.

An example of a risk-free bet can be found in Unibet. Here, a £30 risk-free bet is offered although you first have to place a £30 from your money with typical odds of 1.40 before you get your risk-free bonus amount. This bonus amount is then rolled over up to three consecutive times at an odd of 1.40 or greater before any withdrawals.

How to register at a bookie

As a user, once you have selected your free bet offer, just click through to the Bookmaker website using any of the green buttons on At this stage, you need to register your new online betting account by entering your personal details such as your contacts and email address.

Once registered, you will be offered some ways to deposit your money. Some of the common methods provided include the use of a debit card or credit card, use of PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. This deposit is crucial since most bookies require you deposit first before they credit your account with the free bet. Once you meet the minimum requirements, your account will be credited with the free bet voucher or code that can be used in pre-defined betting markets.

Online sportsbooks

Online betting can be classified into sports betting, casino wagering, poker play or horse racing. Most sportsbooks have diversified into all these and are well rounded while some are not. To make a wise choice of a betting site, one has to look at a sportsbook that pays winners their dividend instantly, offers bonus specials, and provides statistics, articles and tutorials for beginner players. As a caution to the bettor, do not settle for a sportsbook that comes up short to your specific needs and features that benefit you. Go through the reviews of the online sportsbooks, talk with other bettors, and take advantage of promotional features you come across. A sure way to learn about a sportsbook is to make a small deposit to gauge if they are right for you.

Choose right bonuses

Another analytic way to determine the right sportsbook is to check their bonus structure and take advantage of any benefit available. Online gambling sites provide contacts that they can be reached on, that is if you still have more unanswered questions from the check-off list mentioned earlier. One selling point for caring sportsbooks is that they take the time to educate you about their business so that they retain your business over an extended period of time.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements refer to the cash you will need to bet with so as to release your bonus winnings into your cash balance. In some instance, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus itself. This also applies to the deposit relating to the bonus or the winnings from the bonus until you have completed the wagering requirement.

For example, if you stake £1 on a bet, £1 will come off your WR (wagering requirement). If you stake £1 on Roulette, 20p will be deducted from your wagering requirement.

 How to bet on sports?

How to bet on sports: Sports and games are some of the most entertaining events and when betting is appended with them, they become all the more enthralling and entertaining. Every now and then people bet, sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. It is when they start surfing on the internet on how to bet on sports. We have thus come up with a complete betting guide on sports.

There are various modes of betting. You can bet on sports in the sports bar or sports complex, n casinos and other establishments. You can also bet over phone and transfer the cash accordingly. But what is latest in trend is the online sports betting. There are many betting websites nowadays that give the bidders ample opportunity to bid and win. Here we are enlisting some of the best sports betting websites and below the list our “How to bet on sports” article will continue!

Well you have got the websites to bet online but if you do not know how to bet tactfully, you may end up losing all the bets. We will tell you how to bet so that you may not only win once but make winning your daily habit. Here take a look at our 10-point formula on how to bet on sports:

10 key points for sports betting

  1. Research a lot– Bidding needs a lot of information and to have the exact information to bet on the winning team or the winning player, it needs research. The more you research, the more will you understand the game and the teams and it would directly aid you in taking decisions while bidding.
  2. Statistics and Records– Statistics and records are very important while bidding. The statistics gives you clear understanding about the teams and the game. It shows where the teams stand in front of each other.
  3. Team form– Team form plays a vital role in the results of a match. The team which has poor records and statistics has a better chance to win if it is in the form of its life than the team having good records but poor form.
  4. Injuries– Injured players can affect the results and in turn your bid’s chances to fruition.
  5. Stakes of the Match– The team having high stakes in the match plays with full strength and goes gung ho at the rivals. The stakes may affect your bidding. So keep a tap on it.
  6. Pre-Match Reviews- Pre-match reviews can provide you a lot of information. You may get a clear understanding of a lot of things in these presentations and help you in bidding properly.
  7. Best odds- The best odds can get you more money. Find the best odds which can get you a lot of money and bid accordingly
  8. Emotional Bidding- Refrain from bidding emotionally. You can lose all your fortunes in one go by bidding from heart and not from mind.
  9. Betting for Favorite Team- Never ever bet for your favorite team. There is a soft corner for your favorite team in your heart and it will incite you to take incorrect decisions and you may fall for it very easily.
  10. Be confident- Be confident about what decisions you make. It will save you from the anxiety during the match. But beware, there is a thin line between being confident and over-confident.